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Yogini Jungle scarf

Yogini Jungle scarf

Each scarf is an original hand painted illustration by YuYa Concept Wear team (my wife, our daughter and me).

Digitally printed on super soft crepe material;delicate texture, matte feels great.


  • 90x90 cm,
  • 120x120 cm.

In the nature’s realm all forms of living beings are equal in the absolute sense. The divine spirit is present in everything alike.

In the midst of the dense jungle of creatures only man can indulge into self-enquiry with a question “Who am I?”. This is where the practice of yoga starts, whereby a living being can grasp the ultimate consciousness in all things manifested, outside and inside.

Kala Sarpa, the Divine Time-Snake, pervades movable and immovable objects, being the essence of change. And everything seems to evolve in cycles and reoccur eventually.

Yet once one gets perfected in yoga, when the Ultimate Self is revealed, everything regains stillness. For the Ultimate Light is seen everywhere.

Scarf print is one sided, the opposite side is a little paler.

Please note that colors show up differently on every monitor and slight variances are possible.

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