Krishna Lila

Playful pastimes of Radha and Krishna

Gods and Goddesses

Various paintings about Shiva, Devi, Ganesha


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Fantasy and Landscapes

Fantasy and Landscapes

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Welcome to Vrindavan Art

Ganapati Darshan

I am Vrindavan Das, and this page showcases my art, presenting the delightful pastimes of Radha and Krishna in Vraja Lila and Nikunj Lila in Vrindavan Dham, as well as Chaitanya Lila of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Bengal and Jagannath Puri.

You can also explore works dedicated to the Ramayana, depicting the divine pastimes of Lord Shree Rama and Sita, Shree Lakshman, and Hanuman in Ayodhya and Lanka. Additionally, I portray Vishnu and his avatars in Dashaavatar paintings of Vedic culture, as well as representations of Shiva Mahadeva and his various aspects such as Rudra and Bhairava.

My collection includes depictions of Shree Ganapati and his consorts like Siddhi and Buddhi, showcasing the beauty and wisdom of different aspects of Shakti, including Parvati Devi and tantric Mahavidyas like Kali, Tara, Bhairavi, and Tripura Sundari, along with Shree Yantra.

Furthermore, there are paintings featuring Shree Lakshmi and Sarasvati Devi, Chamunda, and other aspects of Adi Shakti Durga, as well as various types of Yoginis and Kundalini Shakti in Yoga paintings, accompanied by symbols of yoga such as OM - AUM, chakras with nadis Sushumna, and ida with pingala.

Original paintings are available for sale, and I accept custom painting orders, along with canvas and paper prints, acrylic and metal prints, and various other types of prints. Additionally, there are different types of backdrops for temple altar decorations for various aspects and types of deities, as well as large-sized tapestries and prints suitable for decorating Yoga studios and meditation places.

You can also find Yoga scarves, postcards, T-shirts, and more. Apart from these offerings, my page features landscapes and fantasy paintings inspired by travels around India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.