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Shiva darshan

Shiva darshan

Shiva is great master of yogis. Shiva recited many yoga sutras and tantric knowledge. As Yogi doing his practice in Himalayas or anywhere in the world the supreme goal of life for him is enlightenment or moksha.

There are several type of yoga practice as bhakti, jnana, raja yoga and many more. Shiva is everything. He is also Param Atman. For some yogi he shows himself as form-rupa.

Shiva have many types of forms. In some forms he is ugra as Bhairava or Rudra or Virabhadra in some he is peaceful like Shiva or Sadashiva. He holds many type of weapons as Trishul. Naga- snake Vasuki on his neck. He have dhamaru drum and sounds of Vedas flowing from it to universe. He wears a tiger skin. And holy river Ganga in his djata. Moon on his forehead. This forms are satchitananda.

Also Shiva can come in form of nirvikalpa samadhi. Where sadhaka attain supreme goal of yoga.

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 74x40 cm

Status: For sale