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Ancient Shree Murti

Ancient Shree Murti

Ancient deity from ancient times in the old temple of Shree Adishakti Tripura.

Diety is not a stone sculpture as modern people think. Diety installation is a very complicated process of invitation from higher realm energy or prana of Goddess. Prana pratishtha.

When prana of deity appears in the temple and in murti- sculpture then Goddess her self is present in that place.

Yantra or geometric form of deity or the universe her self is present in diety. Bindu was all energy of creation is appearing and disappearing. Creation and distraction come from one point.

One can respect diety with meditation or puja - worship to invoke the power of prosperity.

Adi Shakti goddess contains in her prana all types of energy for the maintenance of the Univers

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 90x50 cm

Status: Sold