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Shree Hanuman also known as Maruti, Bajrangbali, and Anjaneya is a deity in Sanatan Dharma, revered as a divine vanara, and a devoted companion of the deity Rama.

Central to the Ramayana Hanuman is celebrated for his unwavering devotion to Rama and is considered a chiranjivan.

In Shaiva tradition, he is regarded to be an incarnation of Shiva, while in most of the Vaishnava traditions, he is the son and incarnation of Vayu.

His tales are recounted not only in the Ramayana but also in the Mahabharata and various Puranas.

In iconography, Shree Hanuman's right hand blessing in Abhaya mudra and left hand holds mace - gada. Also various forms of Hanuman like Panchamukhi (five faces) Hanuman.

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Size: 70x50 cm

Status: sold