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Shree Govardhan backdrop

Shree Govardhan backdrop

This is wonderful view on holy hill Shree Govardhan.

You can order small and large sizes of this backdrop and use as home decoration or altar or temple decoration. You can order on canvas or paper or other type of prints.

When you place order you can crop this image. If you buying large size print for altar then better if you select MATE canvas. You can order unframed and with out stretching on wooden bar if you need, please select-NO WRAP when you order and it will be cheaper price.

Watermark "fineartamerica" will not appear on prints or tapestry and other product. 3 large size tapestry of this painting^

  • 50''x61'' (127x155cm)
  • 68''x80'' (173x203cm)
  • 88''x104'' (223x264cm)

Medium: acrylic and mixedmedia on canvas

Size: 241x180cm

Status: Sold